About Us

Since 2008 we start our company named DESHbeDESHI . DESHbeDESHI is not only a market place rather its a Heritage and social network for artisans and art collectors. Art & craft are being exchanged here at DESHbeDESHI Gallery. Our mission is to provide a high quality, friendly and flexible design also a better service based on the clients individual needs and budget. A little online Gift Shop offering Gorgeous Gifts for all & Where Handcrafting is 'At Home'. DESHbeDESHI is dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon thework of others.

DESHbeDESHI is a platform of Showcase for creative work. DESHbeDESHI is on a mission to organize and empower the creative world where crafty pair who want to make sure that special person gets a special handmade gift, are cordially welcome to DESHbeDESHI

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